Rob McAdam

As the owner of the business I set some ambitious growth plans and I recognised that I needed help to deliver on these plans. Because I didn’t come from a sales background, I didn’t know what I needed. I approached a number of consulting firms and selected Carpe Diem as IT sales subject matter experts.

Our Carpe Diem consultant is an invaluable resource. She identified the tools and processes we needed and the conversations that needed to be had and helped us establish our sales management framework. As an extended part of the team she assists us in the sales team selection process and provides ongoing sales management coaching by asking the right questions and keeping us accountable.

We are certainly seeing results. The team’s renewed confidence means that we are bidding for bigger deals and we have won opportunities we previously may not have attempted. Additionally, the sales staff know that as part of the Pure Hacking team, they will have an ongoing opportunity to learn and become better at their craft.

I am confident in the Carpe Diem approach and would recommend their services to other organisations looking to generate and convert more sales opportunities.

Rob McAdam
CEO, Pure Hacking