Paul Matthews

At Gen-i we are all about improving customer business outcomes, we just use technology to make it happen. We recognise that our ability to add value can be limited by our knowledge of our customers’ businesses and engaged Carpe Diem to help create a customised framework that allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our clients, their business drivers, their ICT platform and any associated pain points.

Carpe Diem worked with us to build our internal training course which we have subsequently rolled out to over 300 sales staff and 100 service personnel. While some organisations still wait for the customer to figure out what they want to buy, our sales people are able to be proactive; to have the right conversations with the right people and to develop insight that will help them to improve the customer’s businesses outcomes.

We have been able to achieve enviable win/win results. Our customers love the methodology, the opportunity to gain clarity and to get to the heart of the challenges in their business. For us as a business the framework is a true differentiator in the market place and has enabled us to uncover sales opportunities with hundreds of new and existing customers.

The Carpe Diem team is creative and understands business and technology. They are leading edge sales experts who have their finger on the pulse in terms of sales processes and methodologies in terms of today’s buying environment. We look forward to continuing our fun and productive relationship.

Paul Matthews
Academy Coach, Gen-i