Are you confusing social media activity with a B2B social media strategy?

Because this area is still relatively new, there is a lot of anxiety and also misunderstanding about how social media works. Setting up an individual Facebook page and connecting with friends is something that can be quite fun and is certainly easy.

But creating an effective, results oriented B2B social media strategy is a very different ball game. You’d be amazed how many businesses simply set up a page or profile on each major platform (usually LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) and are then surprised when ‘nothing happens’.

If you can relate to this, don’t worry, you’re in good company. It’s no reflection on your business acumen. It’s also no indicator of potential. Every business has the opportunity to make significant sales and revenue increases via social media. The only thing stopping any of them – including you – is the right knowledge. That’s where we can help.

Social media strategy that supports your business objectives

At Carpe Diem we work with you to simplify what can be a complex and confusing area. Dominating social media isn’t about how loud your voice is or how far it reaches. It’s about how well your strategy is aligned with your business objectives.

  • What business objectives do you want to achieve
  • Where is the best place to meet your buyers in their journey
  • What are your current sales and marketing processes and how well do they achieve this
  • Which social media platforms will best connect you with your buyer
  • What level of interaction on social media will benefit your buyer the most
  • Previously untapped potential to profile a customer before you meet them and so get to them early in their Buyer Journey
  • Challenge your buyer and provide solutions to problems they may have been unaware of


The best executed social media strategy SAVES you time and money

Wasting time on social media is one of the biggest fears held by businesses in the B2B space. But when it’s planned and executed correctly, a social media strategy will save you both time and money.

Automation processes, instant communication, measurable results, easy to use platforms. These are the ways in which social media helps you connect with your buyers and gives your staff a sense of empowerment and ownership over the process.

Once your team is properly trained in social media and has access to relevant knowledge you’ll notice increased confidence and a quality of engagement that makes customers see you as an authoritative figure.

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