Learn how to harness social media for sales improvement

The internet and social media affords a massive opportunity to change and improve the way you approach sales. For those companies who ‘get it’, it’s like they have an insider’s perspective to what customers want, where they look and even how to find them.

If you’re not in the know you can really feel left out in the cold. Your sales team is finding out about deals too late. They can’t get in to see key prospects. They may even be having trouble developing a list of who to target.

IDC* research reports that on 50% of occasions B2B buyers report that sales people turn up for customer calls severely underprepared. This suggests a disconnect between sales team and customers. Social media is one of the most powerful tools around to close that gap.

You can become one of the insiders when it comes to this space and harnessing social media for sales. Carpe Diem’s specific research, expertise and practice in this area can be passed on to your team.

Boost social media capabilities across your team with targeted training

Carpe Diem train your sales team to understand social media and use it in a smart, effective and results driven way including:

  • Finding opportunities
  • Finding prospects
  • Being referred to prospects
  • Coming to prospects attention
  • Researching prospects
  • Testing prospects’ commitment
  • Engaging with prospects where the prospects hang out (ie online communities)


The key to success with social media is to Listen, Publish and Engage. Our consultants work closely with your team to develop meaningful social media actions. Once they understand how to Listen they’ll start picking up ‘sales triggers’. This lets you know the kind of content you need to Publish in order to get prospects’ attention. Your team gets genuine insight into the buyers’ journey, learning how and when to Engage with insights and help.

Social media lets you in earlier on the buyers’ journey

This gives you huge advantage. Competition these days is not so much about quality of product as getting to the buyer at the right point in their journey. This is a blind spot that many businesses struggle with and social media is absolutely crucial to getting it right.

Once your team is engaged with customers via social media it means they’re much better prepared when meeting and ‘selling’ to prospects. In fact you’ll find that a properly executed social media plan will draw prospects to you. It’s a ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’ approach that makes social media for sales so powerful.

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