Social media audit – get in the driver’s seat and pull ahead of the competition

How can you quantify the ROI of social media activity? This is a primary concern for many business owners. It can be paralysing. Are you doing enough? Lack of time, resources and knowledge stops many businesses in their tracks.

If you are active in this space, how can you be sure you’re using the best platforms and connecting with your ideal buyers?

Would you be relieved to know that the best social media success comes from focusing on sales goals, not on suddenly having to become an expert at social media? That’s right. We work with you to make sure every online activity relates specifically to a measurable sales goal.

Our social media knowledge Your business and sales goals.  The result is a steady increase in sales. And it starts with a unique social media audit.

Carpe Diem social media audit will show you how and where to focus your efforts\

This detailed social media audit gives you a clear picture of how effective your current activities are. This is not a general analysis. We use your business goals and match these with our social media expertise. This gives you a concrete, quantifiable set of recommendations and actions. From there you will:

  • Learn how to meet your buyer as early as possible in their journey
  • Understand what they want from you
  • Learn how to publish content via social media that buyers find genuinely useful
  • Put a social media strategy in place that makes you part of your buyer’s community – in a way that promotes trust


There is opportunity to become a market leader in your field via social media

Because the social media space is so new and dynamic there’s room to take a significant place in the landscape.

If you can get on top of things via an effective social media audit and a solid strategy you’ll be able to reap the rewards of being an early adopter. Your customers will be looking for how you can improve their businesses and social media is a very powerful tool via which to communicate this message.

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