Why social media plays an integral role in sales success

B2B buyers have changed how they buy. As a business owner you’ve probably noticed this but you may not be 100% sure about how to respond. The quality of your product or service hasn’t diminished, yet your sales team seems to be working harder than ever to get the right message out there.

The problem may be one of timing. One of the biggest impacts of social media is on Buyer’s Journey and it means re-assessing WHEN and HOW you engage with your buyer.

A lot of businesses we work with share the same story: Because buyers have so much access to high quality information now – via the internet and other sources – by the time your sales team meets them it’s too late. Their decision is made. You might not even realise that this is the case.

Carpe Diem consultants specialise in B2B sales. Social media is at the forefront of our research and our success in transforming businesses. We can show you how to use social media and why it can work so well when it comes to sales and revenue results.

A social media strategy that connects your product with your buyer

Buyers want to be listened to. If you can respond to what they need, rather than force feed them what you have – you’ll be way ahead of the competition. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that means you can:

  1. Listen to buyers – so you know where their points of pain or frustration are
  2. Provide information that’s genuinely useful to them and helps them out
  3. Become part of their community – integral to solving their problem and creating value for them

These are the three crucial steps Carpe Diem will help you achieve. The key is in understanding where your buyers are in their journey. Of course, different buyers are at different points. We’ll work with you to investigate and understand your buyers so your social media strategy works.

We’ll help you capitalise on the changing sales landscape

The right kind of knowledge about social media goes a long way. Because the nature of social media is all about leverage, once you have a good strategy in place and clear actions for your team to follow, you’ll see big improvements in sales results.

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