Self Assessment Tools

Business Growth Assessment tool

Uncover the best pathway for growth with our Business Growth Assessment tool Pioneering research undertaken and published by Larry E. Greiner in the Harvard Business Review in 1998 revealed that the majority of companies follow a standard set of growth phases – with a “crisis” ... [ view full ]

Sales Training Effectiveness Assessment

Evaluate the effectiveness of your sales training program with our Sales Training Effectiveness Assessment Top quality sales training can rocket your sales performance: the wrong sort of training is just a money sink and a de-motivator for the sales team. A number of “lead” and ... [ view full ]

Sales Process Self Assessment Tool

Discover how hard your current sales process is working for you via our Sales Process Self Assessment Tool Research has uncovered that a best in class sales process can increase performance against target by up to 20%! A sales process documents a series of “stages” relating to ... [ view full ]

Social Media Assessment

Are you using social media to maximise your marketing & sales outcomes? Take the Social Media Assessment Social media can be a powerful tool to maximise outcomes from marketing and sales – provided it is used effectively. Complete the questions below, and we will provide you with ... [ view full ]