Buyer behaviour has changed – B2B sales skills training helps you capitalise

The primary reason most businesses can benefit from specialised sales training is that buyer behaviour has undergone radical shifts in recent times. Buyers are time poor and ‘information rich’. They prefer to search for solutions themselves and don’t like interruptive techniques like cold calling.

Buyers have evolved beyond the standard ‘features and benefits’ language and are now passing by the solutions based model. Buyers now feel that they are capable of identifying their own solutions. Did you know that on average, buyers don’t reach out to sales people until they are 70% of the way through their buyer journey?

Sales skills training that equips your sales team with the right knowledge and tools for success

The traditional sales process is over 100 years old! It’s time to update. Your sales team are contemporary people who actually understand the new buyer journey – because they take part in it themselves. The missing link is the tools and techniques to match sales goals with current buyer values and behaviour.

Consider these statistics:

  • Over 40% of salespeople failt to hit quota
  • 30% of reps turn over each year
  • It takes an average of seven months to ramp up a new sales person
  • 65% of sales rep time is spent not selling
  • Salespeople spend 30 hours a month searching for and creating their own selling materials
  • 90% of marketing deliverables are not used by sales


Jeff Ernst New Rules of Sales Enablement

These problems aren’t due to a lack of ability among salespeople. They stem from the wrong kind of knowledge. Outdated techniques will lead to frustrations and failures even when applied by the most talented sales rep.

Carpe Diem specialises in sales skills training in the B2B space that addresses and solves each of these issues. Our sales training reflects the new, urgent demands of the world in which we’re living. Sales training must:

  • be based on sales processes that are designed to map on to the new buyer’s journey
  • be able to offer unique insights to customers – to ‘shatter their status quo’, making them realise they have a problem they’ve been unaware of
  • train reps in how to tailor their message not just by industry, company and role – but also by characteristics of each individual
  • train reps to better control the conversation with customers
  • train reps on how to use social media to ‘listen’ to where customers are on their buyer’s journey – and to identify when ‘sales triggers’ occur (i.e. those things that move a customer from being calm to having their status quo shattered)

Carpe Diem audits your current approach to sales and gives you an honest, comprehensive and constructive assessment.

“Delivered by one of the best (if not the best) sales trainers, Carpe Diem courses provide invaluable insights, a clear set of actions and proven tools”.

How and why our sales training helps you increase conversion and reduce cost

Our customised sales skills training programs:

  • picks the eyes out of the best in class methodologies, and customises for each individual organisation
  • are based on assessment gaps between actual and required competencies
  • are heavy in role plays – even using real customers
  • are accompanied by field sales coaching – in fact we’ll train your sales managers in how to coach in the field (potentially to improve the performance of their sales team by up to 20%)


It’s about identifying what works and eliminating what doesn’t. The program is customised for your team and their unique strengths and weaknesses. If you require specific expertise in an area outside our core service, we’ll refer you to a trusted 3rd party. The focus is 100% on providing the best sales skills training for your business needs.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your sales training program with our Sales Training Effectiveness Assessment tool.