A sales process that acts as a road map – so every team member has clear direction

Sales process can be the ‘invisible culprit’ if you find your sales team is lacking clarity in their actions. You have a thorough sales strategy, a skilled team and strong sales team leaders, but something hasn’t quite clicked into place. It could be your sales process.

We often hear this:

1. I can’t track where my team is at in the sale; my sales team always seems to be led by the customer – they don’t know how to proactively lead the sale. I need a sales process that helps my salespeople know the best next step.

2. I know we need things like a bid/no bid template; sales strategy development tool; forecasting tool; reporting tool; proposal template; presentation template. But do I have to reinvent the wheel?

Carpe Diem will put together customised sales process tools that draw on best practice

You get the best of both worlds. With you, we develop tools and templates that are in line with your unique business model and goals. We bring to this a commitment to best practice so your processes match those of businesses that are leaders in their field.

Consolidating processes in this way gives your team extra confidence. They won’t feel bound by meaningless rules – as the processes are developed specifically for your business. It eases the pressure of what they do and how they do it. By following this set road map they can focus on the quality of their output.

Best practice is built into your day to day sales activities

Once you reach this level of sales operation, your business is set to become a category leader. You can ask the best of your team once you’ve given them the tools to work to their highest possible standard – with confidence and pride.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your sales training program with our Sales Training Effectiveness Assessment tool.