Give your B2B sales management the tools they need to improve results

Sales management in the B2B space, including IT, requires a unique set of skills. It’s crucial that your management team understands the Buyer Journey. However they also need to know how to develop a sales strategy, enforce that strategy and motivate their sales team.

>It’s a big ask. You’re hoping to find a very broad skill set in one (or a few) individuals. Many businesses discover that sales management who have in depth product knowledge don’t always have requisite people or strategic skills. Or vice versa.

This is where targeted training of your sales management team can put you well ahead of the competition.

Carpe Diem sales management training includes mentoring – for integrated learning

Our sales management training has two distinct phases.
1. Thorough assessment of your sales manager to identify key areas for development. This enables us to tailor training, making the best use of time and resources.

2. Customised training that includes key sales management theories and disciplines along with mentoring in the field (ie: ‘coach the coach’).

The feedback we get about this training confirms how valuable it is for their managers to understand the theoretical foundations of sales management. It gives them a great deal of confidence and the ability to adapt their own coaching methods.

This kind of learning enables self-sufficiency and promotes a culture of excellence

Once your sales management team has these skills and an awareness of how to keep learning, they transfer this approach to their team. Training sales managers how to coach builds the structure for long lasting and continuous improvement. Morale is boosted across the sales team and your customers receive the benefits of outstanding service.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your sales training program with our Sales Training Effectiveness Assessment tool.