Sales coaching is the missing link between training and results

Have you invested in sales training but are still seeing poor or inconsistent results from your team? It’s frustrating for you and your salespeople. But it may not be your fault. Much sales training fails to give people the skills to apply techniques in the field.

The other possibility is simply a lack of resources. A common problem for many businesses is lacking an experienced sales resource to provide instant feedback. So even if the training has been spot on and your team is trying their best, there is one crucial element missing: a real-time sales coach.

Effective field coaching can improve performance by up to 19%*

A custom designed sales coaching program from Carpe Diem focuses on field coaching so your team builds up the necessary skills to apply techniques and get results.

Coaching works as an accelerant. Targeted coaching means your sales people refine their approach and get better results more often.

The key differentiator with Carpe Diem programs is that we coach your sales managers on how to coach their sales people. So learning doesn’t stop when we walk away. That crucial missing element – of appropriate and instant feedback – can be taken care of by your own sales managers.

The long term benefits of staff taking ownership of sales results

Notice a shift from your sales team simply reporting, to your sales team owning the process and taking pride in their results. This has flow on effects to all aspects of your business profitability.

  • Dramatic improvement in sales revenue and closure rates
  • Increased sales staff loyalty – they value the field support they receive
  • Happier customers – as sales team are more adept at recognising and addressing their pain points

Evaluate the effectiveness of your sales training program with our Sales Training Effectiveness Assessment tool.