A new approach to account management – put the customer first

‘Customers complain that we only talk to them when we want to sell them something.’ Can you relate to this? It’s very common and yet it’s a surprise to many business owners the first time they hear it put so boldly.

What’s even more disturbing is when you start to think about how your customers perceive you. Chances are, you have no real idea. And if you do start to elicit feedback, you might not like what you hear.

You don’t have to follow an outdated account management protocol. The new approach to sales and marketing includes fostering an ongoing relationship with your customers. Account review meetings are an incredible opportunity for you to find out what’s bothering your customers. How can you uncover new ways to help them? With the right account management program in place you can radically shift your customer relationships – for the better.

Carpe Diem will help you create and embed a customised account management program

We take our knowledge of best practice and combine it with the unique needs of your business. Increase your capacity to understand how your customers perceive you and respond in a positive and genuine fashion.

We’ll work closely with you so you can map out key relationships and also build action plans for building new relationships. Develop tools so you can measure account performance and communicate about how you plan to improve this performance.

Customers respond to this level of care. Once this unique account management program is in place you’ll find a closer and more productive relationship with your customer.

Be on the front foot: ready with a solution before your customer is ready to buy

This approach to account management puts you in an empowered position. Learn how to identify opportunities well in advance of customers going out to tender. Reduce the instances of playing catch up with the competition and benefit from:

  • Less customer churn
  • Privileged position – get information about what customers want before they go to market
  • Key, high level relationships that provide long term fruit
  • Increased status in the eyes of your customer – and your industry
  • Important insights that help you act for continual improvement


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