Is sales training the silver bullet to success?

The right kind of sales training can help your team achieve enormous improvements. Yes, it can be transformative. Good sales training gives both organisations and individuals powerful insights into where gaps lie and tools to make the necessary changes.

But is sales training the right lever to pull?  What are the other levers to improving sales effectiveness and hence performance?

The drivers of sales force effectiveness

There are a number of significant things that drive sales force effectiveness, in particular salesperson drivers. These are things that:

  • DEFINE what sales people have to do
  • SHAPE how the salesperson operates
  • ENLIGHTEN the salesperson
  • EXCITE the sales person
  • CONTROL the sales person

Sales training is one of the SHAPERS – but there is much, much more that you need to take into account in order to improve sales force effectiveness.

The Carpe Diem approach starts with a sales audit. This takes place either on-site or (partially) online. Our consultants compare what you are doing against best practice. We then recommend a course of action based on the outcomes of the audit.

  • We consult in the DEFINERS – you learn how you should build and organise your sales team, and help you build them a sales plan that will work.
  • We consult in the SHAPERS – yes we’ll train them, but prior to this we prefer to help you define the observable competencies they need to be successful – by finding the gaps between where they are and where they need to be.
  • We consult in the ENLIGHTENERS – so you know which customers to target, using social media to do so, and develop an ideal customer profile so you know who to target, ensuring the best use of your CRM.
  • We consult in the EXCITERS – we mentor sales leaders, and can help you come up with the right remuneration packages to attract and keep the best talent.
  • We consult in the CONTROLLERS – we’ll help you build a performance management system, and help you build processes to effectively communicate and coordinate across your entire team.

Competency based training gives your team the requisite competitive edge

There is a general lack of knowledge among most organisations about how the B2B buyer has changed. This makes expert input into the drivers of sales effectiveness all the more important. Sales needs to respond differently to the new B2B buyer, even compared to just a few years ago.

Carpe Diem offers sales training that gives your team the knowledge they need. But it’s what we do prior to training (sales audit, competencies, customised program) and after (follow up, field coaching) that is critical.

As an organisation you need to focus on ALL of the drivers of sales force effectiveness. To concentrate on sales training alone will give you limited results.

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