Sales triggers – the events that start new sales opportunities

Learn how to recognise when a sales trigger occurs, and how to cause them

Did you realise that there are only 3 types of events that start buyers on new buyers’ journeys?

Do you have systems in place to recognise when these occur – or better still to create them at will?

Do you want access to key chapters of the book that describes these events and how they occur?

It’s much too late to engage with prospects once they know what they want, and they’re ready to go to market. We need to be with them right when they realise they have to go out and buy something – but before they know what they want to buy, or from who.

“Sales Triggers” are the events that occur in a customer’s world that “shake them up” – “shatter their status quo” – making them realise they need to buy something – starting them on their buyer’s journey.

To view the “Sales triggers – the events that start new sales opportunities” whitepaper, click on the Download button below

As a bonus, the whitepaper also includes a link to download free chapters of the book SHIFT! which outlines the theory behind sales triggers. Author Craig Elias has kindly set up a landing page for Carpe Diem customers to access the chapters of the book that describe sales triggers.

Don’t wait – download the whitepaper below now – sales triggers are happening all the time – you just need to know what they are, how to spot them, and how to make them happen.

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