Insync Technology embraces the “secret sauce” of marketing and reaps results

Carpe Diem works with Insync Technology executing a marketing program for their growing business that has demonstrated an ROI of 760%, with improvements in new business opportunities, customer acquisition process and brand status.

The business need
Insync did not want to appear as a start-up to its customers whilst in the early stages of the business lifecycle, so it was important that they immediately establish their brand in the marketplace while building their business.

“We have some skills internally – to build a basic website, make a blog, run an event,” said Insync’s General Manager, Nathan Belling. “But to make that first impression with a customer you generally only get one shot – so we didn’t have the luxury to play trial and error on anything that helped make that first impression. We couldn’t afford to just post something on our blog for example and hope that leads would come our way.”

Maintaining focus on your core skillset is in Nathan’s opinion critical to success. He wanted his staff to focus on what they were good at, rather than just completing tasks that ‘had to be done’.

Key challenges
As a start-up, Insync’s billable time was their lifeblood and it was essential that they could see an immediate return on any investment in appointing an external marketing organisation.

“We had some great ideas and initiatives,” said Nathan. “But they had to be prioritised so as not to take away from activities that would otherwise pay the bills and give our customers the great service that they deserve.”

The shortfall in their marketing knowledge became apparent after Insync’s first meeting with CDC. “Our limited expertise in areas such as social media, blogs and the buyer journey was obvious after our first session with Carpe Diem,” explained Nathan.

“What I have liked about the engagement is that CDC are teaching us how to fish rather than just giving us fish, said Nathan. As we become more self-sufficient this will allow us to utilise CDC time for higher ticket items.”

Insync Technology engaged CDC to initially run a sales and marketing audit workshop that consisted of:

  • analysing their current sales and marketing activity
  • uncovering their target markets and buyer personas, and
  • developing a roadmap of activities to be undertaken.

They then engaged CDC to run an initial campaign for a chosen target market as well as working on their social media presence. After the initial campaign success, CDC was then asked to provide an ongoing monthly consultancy resulting in a long-term engagement.

Key outcomes
The marketing arrangement helped Insync to expand the size of its potential market. “We can present ourselves as a larger business now – which makes customer acquisition easier and also has a positive impact on the type of customer we attract.”

“Working with CDC has given us more structure around the way we execute our marketing”, Nathan added. “It really makes a difference when there’s someone that holds you accountable.”

“We’ve noticed an increase in our overall brand visibility such as people sharing content that we have created and an increased number of followers and views on social media. Rather than second-guessing, we now know what to do and CDC helps us keep us on track.”

The results
Working with CDC has helped Insync establish their brand with current and potential customers – and vendors – to show that the company is here for the long haul and is not just another ‘fly-by-night’ integrator.

Insync can demonstrate an ROI of 7.6 times for each marketing dollar spent. The business has also seen increased acknowledgement from industry experts.

“It became obvious that we were flying blind in this area and the most efficient way to navigate it successfully was to work in conjunction with CDC on our marketing strategies.”

Advice to other businesses
On the decision to appoint an external consulting organisation Nathan had the following comments:

  1. Focus on your core skills. Then find the people that are much more experienced than you to help you in those other areas.
  2. Define clear and measurable goals. Agree with your consultant what you want to achieve and how you will know when you have achieved it.
  3. Define a schedule for a minimum of three months out and stick to it – consistency and persistence is what will pay off in the long run

About Insync Technology
Led by Nathan Belling, Insync Technology is a Microsoft Systems Integrator that specialises in Communications, Systems Management and Cloud. Established in 2013, Insync is a Microsoft Gold Partner, with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

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