Improving sales performance via role plays

10-point checklist for building and facilitating B2B sales role play sessions

Is your sales team tuned and ready to go?

Would a day’s session of role playing help them hone their skills in what will be a challenging sales environment?

Here at CDC, we’ve developed a successful format to teach your sales team the key skills needed to successfully interact with prospects – and to reinforce these with a full day of sales role plays.

The role plays apply to various parts of the B2B buyer’s journey:

• the start of their journey when something shatters their calm to make them want to buy something
• the stage where they are trying to work out exactly what their problem is – and what solution they should be seeking
• when they engage with peers and experts to gain advice on the best solutions and suppliers
• when they first reach out to a number of suppliers – just like you
• when they are ready to buy – and you have to close the deal
• once they have told you they are going ahead – but for some reasons things go off the rails!

All role plays and examples are customised to your unique situation – and, whilst delivered in a supportive fashion – really get your sales people learning by putting them “on edge” and out of their comfort zones.

After all – do you really want your sales team practicing on your customers(!)

To view the whitepaper, click on the Download button below and let’s discuss how we can come up with a tailor made session just for your sales team.

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