How to survive your next growth crisis

Learn how to read the tell tale “crisis signs”

Wouldn’t it be useful if you could predict your organisation’s growth stages so you can set up the necessary infrastructure for each stage?

And – perhaps more criticallly – wouldn’t it be good to understand the “crises” that ALL growing business tend to go through – how to spot them, and what to do to make sure they don’t “kill” the business?

An interesting statistic regarding the growing businesses of the future is around how many of them go broke in the first few years. Unfortunately, several studies show that in Australia, 60% of small businesses fail during the first three years of management (The Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Research suggests that just because the business is growing, doesn’t mean it will survive. Growth has to be sustainable, and growth certainly sucks cash so it needs to be pursued just as carefully as does managing a business that is doing poorly.

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