Buyers have changed how they buy, have you kept up?

Starting brand new buyer journeys

We know that buyers today have vast amounts of information at hand and will readily self-diagnose their problems so they can put off talking to a salesperson for as long as possible.

Meanwhile salespeople are left to ‘chase’ prospects and customers during the late stage of their buying journey – usually when they are already around 70% of the way through.

Often in the rush to fix a pressing issue, buyers will misdiagnose their needs, resulting in less than optimal solutions being implemented. It’s a no win situation for all!

So we need to empower our sales teams to engage their customers early by providing them with a reason to go on a new buying journey -such as presenting them with disruptive customer insights.

These insights can show customers not only how to solve their initial problems, but perhaps how to run their businesses in a better way.

Watch this 5-minute webinar of the Carpe Diem “Disruptive Customer Insights” program and help get your 2015 off to a good start with more sales opportunities.

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