Building trust with content

How to build trust with informative content marketing

Buyers are now looking to engage less with salespeople during the buying process, preferring to seek out their own information until they are ready to purchase. This evolution of the buyer’s journey now sees customers who are more informed by accessing a range of research opportunities via the Internet, including review sites and social media platforms.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a key factor here in helping seller’s content to find that audience. The higher the seller’s company in search results, the more likely it is to reach that buyer audience. While an effective SEO strategy involves a number of factors, including page layout, quality back-links, and ease of navigation, one of the main elements that search engines look for is fresh and regular content.

By providing the content a buyer needs, sellers may establish interest in their product or service and build that all-important trust with customers. Buyers also like to be challenged — encouraged to think of other strategies helpful in improving their company’s needs. By challenging them to think outside the norm through punchy and informative content, buyers may appreciate that, not only can their immediate problems be resolved, but there are also wider strategies which exist, and may perhaps be adopted in their case.

In providing expertise on subjects within the sales team’s field – something which will be useful to potential buyers – they may increase the chances of being selected as the supplier to solve the buyer’s needs.

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