Boost sales opportunities – without extra sales costs

More leads with less sales people?

We know that generating quality leads is the biggest challenge faced by B2B marketers – but hiring more expensive sales people is not necessarily the answer.

We can show you that it is possible to generate qualified sales opportunities – by utilising your existing technical and other non-sales resources.

These are individuals who interact with customers on a daily basis, who are familiar with the customer’s pain points and how to solve them – so they are ideally positioned to identify opportunities in the field.

We have developed a program that shows non-sales resources how to research their customers, actively listen to their problems and then qualify leads to report back to sales.

Identifying just one customer problem could result in significant opportunities for the sales organisation.

Watch this short preview of the “Sales for Techies” program and get your technical/consulting team working during the Christmas/New Year down period.

Contact us to find out more or to arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our Sales experts.