B2B marketing predictions for 2015


B2BmarketingWhat’s going to be the trends to watch in 2015? Read our B2B Marketing Predictions to see what we think…

Some said 2014 would be the year of personalisation of content, and marketing automation. Indeed, platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo and ClickDimensions have now become mainstream, but marketers struggled to feed these engines enough content to get them working effectively. Read this great post in AdAge.

So this year, will it be more of the same or do we need to be aware of new trends/technology/influences?

Having observed multiple B2B organisations over the past year, and working with companies such as Microsoft and HP, we think there will be 5 key areas to watch in 2015 – from sales & marketing alignment and marketing automation to omnichannel and personalisation – there is plenty to take note of this year!

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