7 Sales and Marketing responsibilities mapped along the new buyer’s journey

Uniting sales & marketing for successful alignment

When Marketing generates what they perceive to be great leads and they’re not converted, they believe it’s because Sales couldn’t/wouldn’t follow up properly. On the other side, Sales believe it’s because the leads were not properly qualified, or they were not supplied with the marketing collateral to close the deal.

We think the whole debate is wrong. The days of “Marketing generates the leads and throws them over the fence to Sales” are long gone. If we want to engage with customers earlier, before they reach out to us, then Sales and Marketing need to act in unison.

We’ve found that the “Buyer’s Journey” is the great unifying construct. We’ve set out our thoughts to explain:

• What is the new buyer’s journey
• What happens to the buyer in each stage
• What Marketing needs to do at each stage to support the sales effort
• What Sales needs to do to leverage the work done by Marketing.

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