7 reasons why SMEs can use social media to compete with corporates

Get your social media strategy in place and outflank big businesses

Do you wish your business had the budget and marketing expertise to win against the big guys?

Perhaps with social media marketing you can.

We see it all the time – the underdog corner storeowner being driven out of business by the big supermarket chain. Amazon forcing small local booksellers to close down. iTunes killing off traditional music retailers. The deep pockets and access to specialist marketing and sales expertise can make it extraordinarily difficult to compete.

Big budgets can lead to big advertisements with massive reach, which was traditionally not possible for small businesses to compete against. However, we believe that perhaps social media is starting to level the playing field.

Here are 7 reasons why we think SMEs should actively (and urgently!) get a social media plan in place to compete against larger competitors. We think (with our help, of course!) it could help turn the tide.

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