4 reasons B2B prospects lie and how to see through it

Discover 2 fool-proof approaches to testing a prospect’s genuineness

Wouldn’t it be nice if prospects ALWAYS told you the truth – particularly in alerting you to the fact that you’re wasting your time pursuing a deal with them.

Wouldn’t that be refreshing!

Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen – perhaps because the prospect is too conflict averse or doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Or maybe they are under instructions to “get 3 quotes”, and hence have to encourage you to submit a bid (even if they actually already prefer someone else’s solution).

In this whitepaper, we’ve outlined the 4 main reasons why prospects don’t tell the truth about your chances of winning their business – and we offer some suggestions as to how you can see through this.

This is a must read – life is much too short to spend time chasing deals that you have no chance of winning!

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