Sales profiling reveals surprising truths about improving performance

Did you know that most sales people rate ‘relationship building’ as THE most important characteristic of their professional life? Whereas SEC (Sales Executive Council) best practice indicates that the ‘Relationship Builder’ is the POOREST performing sales profile.

These kinds of major disconnect between perception and reality are common. It doesn’t matter how good your sales people are. They – like all of us – will have blind spots and preconceptions.

And as a business owner or manager it can be really challenging to identify why particular people are under performing or how to get better results from your team. Knowledge is power and when you work with Carpe Diem we equip you with the knowledge you need and the right tools to use.

Carpe Diem sales profiling report leads to exceptional sales performance

The profiling survey we use is based on research by the SEC. You get a detailed report on each individual sales person and how their behaviour compares to what the SEC rates as behaviours that lead to outstanding sales performance.

Once you know where your team is at, you can create a clear road map for where you want them to get to. See why some sales people aren’t performing to their best. You may even see that the most appropriately skilled people aren’t in the right jobs. Configure your team for optimum sales results.

Moving towards best practice gives your team confidence

Knowing what best practice is and having a road map in place to get there – this gives your team such a solid foundation. You’ll notice sales results get better as every team member is empowered with the knowledge and tools to improve their own performance.

Lack of feedback and development opportunities is a leading cause of frustration among employees. All team members appreciate targeted feedback that focuses on their unique skills and personality. Boost morale, confidence and pride.