A sales coach in the field is a wise investment for your sales team

Have you invested in sales training and then been disappointed in the results? There may have been a problem with how well suited the training was to your team. What can also happen is that sales people learn a lot of valuable skills in training but have no support to put them into practice once they’re out in the field.

This puts a lot of pressure on your sales managers – especially if they have no training or skills as a sales coach. Coaching is a specialised skill that doesn’t go hand in hand with management. If you equip your managers with this expertise you’ll see vast improvements in sales team performance.

Carpe Diem can skill your management team to learn how to coach

Our sales coaching program is popular and effective because we target both sides of the team.

Coaching sales team in the field:
Our coaches go with your people on calls, appointments and provide on the spot feedback – the fastest and most effective way to bring about behaviour change.

Train and support your managers so they can coach:
Our coaches work one-on-one with your sales managers and transfer learning. Once you have sales coach skills in house your team will benefit long term.

More revenue is the bottom line benefit of effective sales coaching

Yes, your sales people will be more confident and skilled. And your managers will be able to achieve sales targets and build strong sales teams.

But the bottom line, the evidence we see time and again – is higher revenue performance. With sales coaching your team sell more. They find the best customers at the right point in their journey, ready to buy. They also learn how to nurture customers who aren’t yet ready to buy. You keep these prospects in the sales funnel without expensive campaigns.

SEC research indicates* that the sales teams that are well coached can improve their performance against target by up to 19%.