Sales skills assessment that combines profiling with best practice

You know your sales team can improve their skills. What’s difficult for many business owners and managers is knowing exactly what areas to focus on and how to structure training for best results.

You may have found that a lot of ‘off-the-shelf’ training products or programs are too generic. They may suit entry level staff who need a base set of sales skills. But at a certain point you need customized training that works specifically with your sales people, their existing strengths, their areas of weakness and – most importantly – how to match these to your buyer journey, sales targets and business goals.

In short, you need a lot of knowledge to put really effective training in place. That’s what Carpe Diem consultants have: expertise in sales skills assessment and training, particularly in B2B sales.

Carpe Diem capability audit fast tracks the up-skilling of your sales team

The kind of focus we bring to your team, along with our knowledge of best practice means you get a sharp, detailed picture of exactly where your team is at. The capability audit involves a process of profiling and interviewing staff, observing them in the field and talking with customers. This way you get a 360° understanding of your sales team.

From there we can recommend specific areas that need improvement. We can add a suggested training and coaching program to the audit so you can see a concrete plan for how to address skills gaps and bring all of your sales people up to a high level.

How your customers benefit from a sales skills assessment

There is so much competition. The B2B space moves quickly, with advances in technology and a constant stream of new products and companies. Even your most loyal customers may be tempted to try new waters if they feel another company understands what they need better than you do.

Your sales team is your most valuable tool. If they’re already doing a great job, specialised training will put them way ahead of your competition. Once your sales people are empowered their pride and ownership will increase, as will their commitment to providing a top customer experience at every interaction.