How to nurture successful sales people

The main challenge you face when developing successful sales people is matching people’s innate skills with the right kind of training – that will bring out their best and improve any areas of weakness.

Off the shelf training can only take you so far. How do you customise it to what your team needs? How can you ensure that training is followed up in the field and leads to long term improvements?

As a business owner you need a custom sales training program that includes field support.

Carpe Diem sales training can help focus your team on results

Our comprehensive approach to sales training has proven to play a key role in developing successful sales people. With the right training and support your people can capitalise on their existing talents and become a confident, results focused team.

  • We start with an audit of your peoples’ capabilities – to identify strengths and gaps
  • Then we work closely with you to define the competencies your sales team needs
  • This is followed up by building and delivering a custom sales training program
  • Training is followed by field support so your team puts change into practice

Profiling is a unique service offered by Carpe Diem. We profile your sales people and compare their behaviours against current best practice. You can read more about this specialised and successful program on the Profiling page.

Improve your people – improve your customer experience

With our support you can make your good sales people better and your best sales people leaders in their field. This helps ensure a better experience for your customers – crucial to your long term success.

Once a strong foundation of people skills is in place you’ll see swift improvements in sales results.

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