When was the last time you undertook a thorough marketing audit?

For many businesses the answer could be: Never.

You might not even have a marketing plan in place. This means you are reducing your ability to get results. Winning in the market place is no longer about the best product. It’s about getting that product to the right buyer at the right time.

Or, you’ve done all the right things, put a strategy in place but you’re getting a poor ROI for your marketing spend. What’s causing this failure between actions and results? The most likely culprit is the quality of your leads. Either you don’t have enough, or something’s wrong with the way you’re targeting buyers.

The Carpe Diem marketing audit sheds new light on what is possible

A marketing audit is different from a marketing plan, or even a marketing review. It’s much more thorough, analytical and most importantly – will show you the concrete places where you need to take new action or change your existing actions.

It’s difficult to do your own marketing audit because you – and all of your team – will have blind spots. By implementing an external, unbiased, expert audit you fast track the path to marketing success.

Advice and recommendations are presented in a detailed report, specific to your business. You can see what you’re doing well and where you need to improve. The report includes actions that will drive this improvement.

Once your marketing is on target you’ll see reduced costs and improved ROI

You don’t have to throw endless buckets of time and money at marketing in order to see results. You just need the right advice, tailored to your business and – crucially – to your buyer. Then you can:

  • Target your marketing so it reaches the right people at the right time
  • Eliminate activities that reap no reward
  • Improve efficiency as your marketing is integrated with sales and other processes
  • See marketing opportunities clearly
  • Capitalise on marketing opportunities and create some blue ocean space for your business


If you’d like to read more about Blue Ocean Strategy, talk to our consultants. We can also highly recommend the break out book on this subject: Blue Ocean Strategy by Kim W. Chan.

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