Why your lead generation strategy needs to focus on the buyer

If you’re facing recurring problems with lead generation, it could be that you need to shift your focus. Common issues we hear from businesses include:

  • I can’t generate enough leads when I need them
  • The leads I generate aren’t ready to be handed over to sales
  • The leads I generate are not for our ideal customer profile type
  • It costs me too much to generate leads


Sound familiar? They’re all valid and every business will face these obstacles at some point in their growth. Rather than get stuck in this ‘problem fixing’ approach, how about an overhaul of your lead generation strategy that focuses on your ideal buyer?

Switching focus in this way makes lead generation a positive strategy you construct, rather than a series of hit and miss tactics.

Work with consultants who are experts in understanding Buyer’s Journey

Straight away you’ll be ahead of the game. Benefit from our years of research and evidence based approach. We’ll help you build a lead generation strategy that is appropriate to buyers wherever they are along the Buyer’s Journey.

Three things you should know about effective lead generation:

  • Your program needs to be ongoing, not a series of ‘quick fixes’ such as email blasts or one-off telemarketing campaigns.
  • You need a combination of outbound and inbound approaches. Reach out to buyers via more traditional marketing methods and draw them to you via search and social media.
  • Marketing is always about the buyer but not always about the sale. Every prospect is SOMEWHERE along the Buyer’s Journey, learn how to nurture leads so when they’re ready to buy you are their first choice.


Lead generation is not a mystery – follow a proven method and you’ll get results

You can create lead generation strategy that turns the process around. By this we mean you’ll have prospects actually wanting to hear from you. Once you understand Buyer Journey, you can target lead generation appropriately, and get an ongoing stream of relevant leads.

This creates an ongoing conversation with a market segment that’s based on mutual benefits. You’re not ‘convincing’ prospects. You’re providing a welcome channel or useful information so that decision making and buying are easy for your customer.

It costs less money when you work from this unique buyer focussed approach. Because your activities are targeted, your choice of marketing tools is selective. You spend less, waste less and get more ROI out of every lead you generate.

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