What content marketing is and why you need it

Customers don’t want to receive old-fashioned marketing that talks all about your company and products. Roll out a cold call or direct market campaign with a dull sales message and you’ll be ignored.

Yes customers still require information. But it must be relevant to their needs. It’s got to show how a problem can be solved, pique their interest or appeal emotionally. Ideally, all three. There’s an even higher expectation in the B2B space. Your customer wants to see quickly – via content marketing – how your product or service will make their business results better.

It’s not as hard as it sounds. All you need is the right content marketing strategy. And we have the expertise to help you develop a strategy unique to your business.

A complete content marketing strategy so you can connect with your buyers

The most common fear businesses have about content marketing is time. How and when are we supposed to create all this content?

It comes back to research, planning and having a strategy in place that is tailored appropriately to your business. This includes taking into account your budget, human resources and customer base.

Carpe Diem consultants will work closely with you to create this strategy. It includes:

  • What kind of content is relevant
  • Assistance with creating it if required (including written text, audio, video etc)
  • Understanding your buyers’ journey – and mapping the content to this journey
  • How to keep track of the Buyer’s Journey– so you know who is ready to buy
  • ‘Content curation’ – so you can search for, select and pass on relevant information to your customers


How you benefit from the new B2B relationship

The monolith approach to marketing just doesn’t work any more. Even big corporations break down their content marketing into segments so it’s personal and relevant.

The thing you want, that will drive repeat sales, referrals and long term buyer relationships – is TRUST. Differentiate yourself by sending customers information that they genuinely value – when they need it. Move in to ‘trusted advisor’ status – by publishing and curating relevant insights that are useful to your customers.

See immediate improvements in conversion rates. And over the long term, enjoy building this profitable foundation of market and customer relationships.

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