Channel improvement – how to help your partners increase success and revenue

A problem faced by many vendors is that while channel partners have access to product information, they often need assistance with effective sale and marketing practices. The challenge is that they are often small businesses without the support of an integrated sales and marketing team.

A strong channel network can be one of your most important assets. Yet it is often difficult to be sure that your channel partners are using the best strategies to generate leads and convert demand.

Sound familiar? We can help.

Carpe Diem channel improvement programs give expert training to your partners

Our specialised channel improvement programs are popular and effective. We have worked with a number of vendors to structure a program specific to their needs.

Channel improvement programs include:

  • Training and coaching for pure sales and marketing soft skills
  • Training and coaching that focuses on generating and converting demand associated with specific products and campaigns


Our specialised growth programs include:

  • Working closely with individuals or groups to create a tailored ‘road map’ of activities
  • A focus not just on ‘selling more stuff’ but empowering via greater knowledge of critical sales and marketing skills so channel partners are more effective and more self-supporting

Increase revenue and improve relationships

The revenue / relationship cycle is crucial to your ongoing success. The better your relationship with channel partners, the more your revenue will increase. By implementing channel improvement programs you demonstrate how important these relationships are. In return you’ll see greater loyalty and partners who invest more in getting your product out to the market place.

This is a powerful way to differentiate yourself as a vendor and improve results, because it’s not just about your products, it’s about valuing and investing in the people who represent your product.

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