Does your website fail the B2B buyer engagement test?

If your website is not generating enough leads that turn into profitable  conversations, and your ‘hot’ leads are also being pursued by your competition – then the likely answer is ‘yes’.

You – like 80% of the Australian ICT companies whose websites we assessed – are probably not meeting your buyer at the right point in the buyer’s journey.

We recently reviewed the websites of 20 Australian B2B companies operating in the Information Technology (ICT) space and found that 16 of the 20 websites failed our simple, 10-criteria buyer engagement test.

The criteria focus was on measuring the effectiveness of the website and its content to attract and engage B2B buyers – wherever they may be on their buying journey – and hence to generate quality leads.

In other words, these websites don’t sell how buyers buy. They only cater to the small percentage of buyers who know what they want and are looking for specific product information – ignoring the buyers still searching around their problem, those framing generic solutions or those completely unaware that there might be a better way of doing things.

This is your chance to leapfrog the competition

Our websites are at the centre of our marketing efforts in an always connected, social world.

And if only 20% of your competition is getting theirs right, then now is your chance to capitalise on the opportunity to create an important competitive advantage – and to stop wasting tens of thousands of dollars on content that doesn’t deliver.

The key is to think like a prospect and to align your website content, and your sales and marketing process, with the way that buyers buy. Create content that attracts, engages, educates and nurtures all potential buyers – not just the few that are ready to buy.

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