I recently had the privilege of attending Carpe Diem’s sales training session, delivered in a very informative and structured way. Carpe Diem have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and I can strongly recommend Carpe Diem’s sales training if you are looking to put that “fire” back into your team/business.

Craig Puckeridge
Business Development Manager, Edit365

I had heard great things about Carpe Diem training courses but it wasn’t until my current role at Intergen that I have had the opportunity to experience the value first hand – both as a course attendee and as part of a wider customer focused organisation.

As a sales professional with over 20 years experience I still walked out of a Carpe Diem course equipped with a new and very useful sales framework which I use regularly. Based on best practice research, the course provided a clear and practical introduction to the process of ‘challenging’ the customer in order to help them understand, explore and address their underlying business problem.

I was also recently able to close a significant business opportunity identified by one of Intergen’s technical team members who attended a Carpe Diem course – Sales training for non-sales people. Armed with the knowledge, the tools and the confidence, our technician was able to be proactive, ask the right questions, qualify the opportunity and pass on a quality sales lead.

Delivered by one of the best (if not the best) sales trainers, Carpe Diem courses provide invaluable insights, a clear set of actions and proven tools. This in turn translates to confidence among the sales (and service) staff to have the right customer conversations and realise true business value for our clients – often beyond that which the competition is able to deliver.

Ken Fairgray
Sales Portfolio Manager, Intergen

At Gen-i we are all about improving customer business outcomes, we just use technology to make it happen. We recognise that our ability to add value can be limited by our knowledge of our customers’ businesses and engaged Carpe Diem to help create a customised framework that allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our clients, their business drivers, their ICT platform and any associated pain points.

Carpe Diem worked with us to build our internal training course which we have subsequently rolled out to over 300 sales staff and 100 service personnel. While some organisations still wait for the customer to figure out what they want to buy, our sales people are able to be proactive; to have the right conversations with the right people and to develop insight that will help them to improve the customer’s businesses outcomes.

We have been able to achieve enviable win/win results. Our customers love the methodology, the opportunity to gain clarity and to get to the heart of the challenges in their business. For us as a business the framework is a true differentiator in the market place and has enabled us to uncover sales opportunities with hundreds of new and existing customers.

The Carpe Diem team is creative and understands business and technology. They are leading edge sales experts who have their finger on the pulse in terms of sales processes and methodologies in terms of today’s buying environment. We look forward to continuing our fun and productive relationship.

Paul Matthews
Academy Coach, Gen-i

Carpe Diem have assisted us brilliantly in wrapping strategic sales and marketing skills around a number of different vendor campaigns. Through these campaigns Carpe Diem has imparted valuable insight to our channel partners, making a real difference to their business planning and go to market strategies and as a result helped grow our vendor solution sales.

Donna Adam
Marketing Manager, Express Data

As the owner of the business I set some ambitious growth plans and I recognised that I needed help to deliver on these plans. Because I didn’t come from a sales background, I didn’t know what I needed. I approached a number of consulting firms and selected Carpe Diem as IT sales subject matter experts.

Our Carpe Diem consultant is an invaluable resource. She identified the tools and processes we needed and the conversations that needed to be had and helped us establish our sales management framework. As an extended part of the team she assists us in the sales team selection process and provides ongoing sales management coaching by asking the right questions and keeping us accountable.

We are certainly seeing results. The team’s renewed confidence means that we are bidding for bigger deals and we have won opportunities we previously may not have attempted. Additionally, the sales staff know that as part of the Pure Hacking team, they will have an ongoing opportunity to learn and become better at their craft.

I am confident in the Carpe Diem approach and would recommend their services to other organisations looking to generate and convert more sales opportunities.

Rob McAdam
CEO, Pure Hacking

I have been working with Bruce and the team at Carpe Diem for nearly 3 years on a number of different projects. I keep going back to them for the simple reason they do brilliant work and deliver results.

Scott Caulfield
Business Unit Director- ITMaaS and Data Management, CA Technologies