Transfer of learning that brings about real change for the better

The issue with a lot of skills training – particularly in sales – is not the content of the training but what comes after.  A training day can be quite inspiring and give you a lot of very useful ideas. However, sales training is not just about being given a new set of skills. It’s about the transfer of learning. People learn by doing, not listening. Carpe Diem has a unique and proven methodology that focuses on the learning process. The result? Participants are shown how to implement skills and then confidently integrate them into their work practice.

The Carpe Diem 5 Point Plan for Training Success

Our philosophy, along with years of field experience, informs the way we work with you and your team:
1.  We prioritise the transfer of learning
We engage key staff in the process of learning and ensure that they gain key skills before we leave the business. This means the learning continues. Your team is empowered and able to continually improve and bring out the best in each other.

2.  S/he who wins the work does the work
You will always work with highly skilled business consultants with a breadth and depth of industry experience. We think carefully about who we place with your team. Because training is customised it’s important to get the right fit. This makes learning faster.

3.  Market input informs all project outputs and recommendations
Training cannot take place in a vacuum. Our consultants are active in the field and keep themselves informed about market influences, trends and forces. Your training will be relevant to the specific category you operate within as well as broader market awareness.

4.  Our consulting methodologies are based on industry best practice but these are tailored to suit the specific requirements of your business
This gives your team the best of both worlds. Best practice on its own can stagnate as theory. Combined with tailored program recommendations it gives you a powerful competitive edge. The best in any field are always aware of where the highest bar is set. We do this research for you and transfer the learning so you reap the benefits.

5.  All plans are action oriented
Rather than just a set of ‘new ideas’ to try out, your team comes away with actionable goals. We marry your business and sales goals with the competencies of your staff. This allows us to develop a plan that has concrete actions for every team member – appropriate to their skill level and performance criteria. This accelerates improvements as your team can see the immediate impact of their actions and gain greater confidence.

If you have any questions at all about the way we work and the research that underpins our approach, please get in touch. Our team is made up of enthusiastic consultants who are driven by a genuine passion to help businesses achieve success.